Construction Law

Contracts and Sub Contracts

Construction contracts are a unique type of contractual arrangement and one of the most litigated areas of the law.  Construction is a dynamic and multifaceted undertaking that requires both specifics and the flexibility to adapt to ever changing conditions. We draft, review and amend all types of construction contracts and subcontracts.  Residential, commercial, general construction or specialty trades; we have dealt with them all.  Members of the firm have actually owned construction companies and are very familiar with construction processes, issues and the nightmares that can unexpectedly unfold.

Liens – placement- foreclosure and defense

When a contractor or material supplier does not get paid they have a statutory right to file a lien against the property PROVIDED they have followed all the necessary notice provisions.  Let us review your documents to make sure you comply.  We can file your liens and proceed to foreclose those liens on your behalf.  If you are the victim of a clearly excessive or fraudulent lien, we can help you get it removed from your property.

Construction Defects ( prosecution and defense)

The job is done and now there is a problem.  Our hands on experience in the construction field is a big advantage in analyzing the validity of a claim.   We can defend you against that homeowner that claims a defect to avoid paying you and we can prosecute a contractor for shoddy and defective work.  Come talk to us and we can advise you on your claims.