Real Estate

Purchase and Sale Residential- Commercial and Land

At Gourley Law Group we have years of experience in helping clients through the complex process of buying and selling real estate. Typically, real estate is the single largest investment you will make and you need to make sure you are protected. Your real estate agent is a great starting place but they are limited to filing out preprinted forms and technically are not supposed to create language or deviate from the form. The agents job is to help you understand the market and find buyers that match sellers. They are not lawyers and you should not ask them to practice law. We are investors and property owners ourselves so we treat your deal with the same attention to detail that we apply to our own investments. We can prepare your agreement or review and supplement the agreement prepared by your agent to make sure you are protected. With years of experience handling real estate deals gone bad, we bring some street savvy to help identify potential issues and avoid or resolve them now, before you get into costly litigation.

Promissory Notes and Deeds of Trust

When lending money or seller financing a sale, you need a promissory note and some sort of security, typically a Deed of Trust. At the Gourley Law Group we offer an affordable flat fee of $350 to prepare your note and deed of trust. ( some conditions apply)

Leases and Rental Agreements

Gourley Law Group can prepare or review your residential or commercial rental or lease documents. Residential Landlord Tenant law is complex and strongly favors the tenant. It is critical that your rental agreement addresses the various statutory requirements or you will be on the losing end of an eviction action. Let us review your current agreements and show you the necessary provisions to include in your templates.

Landlord Tenant – Residential (Landlord only) Commercial (Landlord or Tenant)

At Gourley Law Group we have hands on experience dealing with Landlord Tenant issues. We are landlords ourselves. On the residential side we only represent landlords and are experienced in dealing with evictions, ejectments, collections, squatters, property damage as well as drug and gang activity. We are also experienced in mobile home law which differs significantly from regular apartment or house evictions. On the Commercial side, we represent both landlord and tenants in negotiations, evictions, and terminations.


At Gourley Law Group we have experience drafting easements and maintenance agreements for roads, driveways, water lines, septic systems, sewer lines, fences and view easements. We are skilled at creating solutions for your land problems.

Boundary Line Disputes – Quiet Title – Adverse Possession

Boundary line disputes are an unfortunate and highly emotional problem that often develop between neighbors. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated settlements on a multitude of boundary line arguments. When all else fails and litigation is the only remaining remedy, we have extensive experience in fighting the fight. We have access to aerial photo archives dating back to the 1950s and photo experts that can determine fence lines and other evidence through analysis of these old aerial photographs. Another area where a quiet title action may be required is when an old mortgage is clouding your title and the bank is defunct, we can initiate a Quiet Title action eliminate the old mortgage and clear your title.

Quit Claim Deeds

Need to transfer property between spouses? Add or delete a child’s name? Transfer in or out of your LLC or Corporation? We will prepare your quit claim deeds and the required excise tax affidavits as well as take care of the recording at the County.


We are a full service trustee company providing default services to mortgage lenders in the Northwest, both commercial and private lenders. We offer both non-judicial and judicial foreclosure services. With over 25 years of experience as a Trustee, our company has seen and dealt with all types of situations, from the “plain Jane” non-judicial foreclosure to the Real Estate Contract forfeiture. Our timely and experienced service provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your legal needs are in good hands and that no major surprises will be waiting for you.

At Gourley Law Group we can represent either the lender or the borrower in a foreclosure action. If you are the lender we can bring the foreclosure action on your behalf and take the case all the way through the eviction process. If you are a borrower that has been the victim of wrongful or sloppy work by a bank, we can help.

Seller Financing

Good old fashioned Seller financing has become a regulatory nightmare now thanks to the Dodd Frank act and the infinite wisdom of the Washington State Legislature. Anyone providing financing is now subject to these regulations and your failure to comply can cost you thousands in penalties and force you to PAY THE BORROWER for your non compliance. Let us help you through this tangled web.

Condominiums – formation – HOA issues

At Gourley Law Group we have formed hundreds of condominium projects from small residential to huge mixed commercial and residential complexes. Our attorneys currently sit on multiple condo association’s boards of directors. We have real life experience in dealing with the realities of condominium life.

HOA – Liens – CCRs

Homeowners associations face many financial challenges as well as changing social and environmental evolution. We can assist in the filing and collection of liens against non paying HOA members including foreclosure. We are also frequently called upon to amend outdated or incomplete covenants that rule your association.

Government – permitting and abuse of process

What do you do when the Government unfairly refuses to grant or revokes your permit? What happens when an out of control inspector shuts your project down or tries to levy fines? At Gourley Law Group we are not afraid to fight City Hall. We have taken cases all the way to the Supreme Court and fought when a local City refused to allow private citizens do what they and individual council members did with impunity.

Escrow (see separate Practice area)

Simple to complex, we close them all!

Commercial Financing – Attorney Opinion Letters

Commercial financing is a complex area that requires an understanding of finance, law, markets, insurance and risk. Commercial lenders typically want attorney opinion letters before they will lend on a project. Mr. Gourley has an undergraduate degree in accounting and has provided attorney opinion letters for major projects throughout Washington Sate.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

If you are going to sell your property by yourself the Gourley Law Group can help you through the entire process. From determining if your add on Craigslist violates the fair housing rules, to drafting the deal to closing the sale, we can help you through the process, giving peace of mind and saving you thousands while we are at it.

Trustee Services

Trustee Services of Washington , Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gourley Law Group and acts as trustee on deed of trust as well as substitute trustee for reconveyances and foreclosures.

Shared Well Agreements

Water is the source of life and adequately documenting your rights to water, the proper easement and well maintenance can be critical to your ability to stay in your home and have clean healthy water. Let us make sure that you are protected